Design + Happiness + Futures

Our theme for 2017 is: Design + Happiness + Futures. We will explore questions like: How should we measure and define happiness in a modern age? What are the conditions required to move us toward more preferred futures? What is design’s role in shaping possible futures?

Part theoretical discourse, part social experiment, D++ offers an intimate setting in which a dozen critical thinkers, doers, and makers from different disciplines can examine the implications of a thorny trio of topics. Unlike a conference or symposium, this salon is meant to provoke informal conversation in the relaxed setting of a restored Victorian inn. Aside from some basic prompts within a loose structure, the specific content and interaction will evolve organically in the spirit of classic European salons. Over the course of a weekend, we aim to unpack the underlying tensions between design, happiness, and futures, with the event culminating with each participant contributing in their own way to a later-edited podcast.

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