Design + Ethics + Technology

When cars drive themselves, who is really in control? When social media can recognize your face in a crowd, is there such thing as privacy? When the world tells us our climate is in turmoil, should we create anything new?


Following a morning tour of the city of Detroit hosted by Rich Feldman, the two-day D++ Salon began with introductions. It ended with a call to action. With the Inn on Ferry Street and the city of Detroit as the backdrop, thinkers and practitioners from the fields of history, design, journalism, philosophy, robotics, engineering, futuring, and education started in on the challenges faced by and implications of design, ethics, and technology.

In response, one of the participants Stuart Candy, futurist and professor at OCAD and SAIC, called for a greater focus on the future in response to the moral responsibility required in a modern age. His message was clear, “Designers need to and can become better futurists.”

Take a listen to what he had to say.

We invite you to listen in on the rest of our conversation. As you review how the salon unfolded in six short audio clips ask yourself: What is my relationship with design, ethics and technology? How do they relate to each other? And to the world?

Rich Feldman, after a walk through Detroit, shared his opinion about design.



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