Elise Valoe
Manager, Design Research

Elise Valoe is responsible for managing Steelcase’s research efforts in Asia Pacific as well as leading Steelcase’s strategic foresight practice. Her foresight responsibilities include forecasting perspectives and framing strategic choices from a landscape of future possibilities for Steelcase’s executive team. In her Asia Pacific role, she leads a design research team, which focuses on understanding culture, changing work patterns and rapid economic growth in markets such as India and China. She has spent three years in the Asia Pacific region growing Steelcase’s research efforts. Prior to working in Asia, she was responsible for research and strategy efforts in the healthcare market for Steelcase Health. Her responsibilities included identifying new opportunities and developing new business models to serve the needs of both physicians and patients. Elise’s expertise also includes research in North America’s higher education system. She was an integral member of the original research team whose insights led to the founding of the Steelcase Education. Over the past ten years at Steelcase Inc., her research has generated insights that directed the development of multiple innovative and award-winning products across education, health and office environments. Elise graduated from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Master’s of Design with an emphasis in research and strategy.